The Volendam Museum is closed till March 8, 2020
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The Volendams Museum

  • Why is Volendam the best known village in the Netherlands?
  • Why do millions of foreign as well as Dutch tourists visit our village each year? 
  • How come Volendam produces so many famous singers and international soccer players?
  • Why is the Volendammer in its traditional costume a model image for Holland promotion?
  • Why does Volendam get weekly media coverage on our national TV and radio?

Visit the Volendams Museum and find out for yourself!

Enjoy the lifelike and authentic displays depicting daily life in old Volendam, including original film footage and paintings by the many artists who visited Volendam. As icing on the cake, there’s also the Cigar Bands House: an astonishing piece of home craft of a retired monk from Volendam who decorated his entire house with 11 million cigar bands that make up colourful mosaics.

Our museum has a lot to offer, both to younger and older audiences. Young visitors will be astounded by the lifelike displays of daily life in Volendam with authentically dressed figures in astonishingly detailed interiors. Older visitors will reminisce at the collection of traditional costumes from Volendam. Needless to say, the museum is easily accessible for wheelchair-bound visitors.

Touring cars can drop off and collect passengers next to the museum. On the special parking webpage you’ll be able to find all information about parking spaces in Volendam.